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Clad is the best way to manage broadband construction - from vendor procurement to project controls.

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Onboard, Bid, and Pay — without any of the hassle.

Clad gives procurement and construction management teams a single place to manage their subs.

Modernize how you onboard your subcontractors. Automate your information collection, and ensure ongoing compliance, down to every employee-level cert.

Get your construction spend under control.

Your contractors are the biggest influence on a project's margins and timelines. Clad lets you manage them from start to finish.

Reduce Risk

Make sure every subcontractor you work with is always compliant

With Clad, you can easily track what subcontractors meet the requirements you set, from COIs, licenses, and employee-level safety certs.

Increase Efficiency

Scale your team, skip the busywork.

Clad saves hours every week for procurement, safety, and project management teams. Clad eliminates redundant questions and repetitive data entry.

Gain Visibility

Unlock your data - understand spend, and get your information in one place.

This also isn’t actually a feature, it’s just some friendly advice. We definitely recommend that you do this, you’ll feel really organized and professional.

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